Tourette's Syndrome

Watch: "My Child's Not Perfect"


My Child's Not Perfect is a two-part ITV1 documentary about young people with unusual neurological problems.  Katherine has selective mutism, and Henry has Tourette's syndrome. The sequence on Adam, a boy with problem aggression who may have autism, gives another, and very welcome, perspective on the issue of diagnosis than yesterday's Los Angeles Times article does.  Not perfect, by any means, but a very interesting and sometimes inspiring look at kids like ours.

Click here to watch the rest.

Durbin Mania! Watch! Listen! Buy!


My friend Jacob was great and told me that Aspergian Idol James Durbin was performing this morning just a couple of miles from where I live.  But I was too scared to go.  They don't sell chainsaws at Santana Row.

Still, I offer you three ways to experience Durbin mania today:

1.  Watch the official video for his single "Love Me Bad" above.


2.  Listen to his album Memories of a Beautiful Disaster for free until November 28.

Click here!

3.  Buy it on iTunes on support both James and thAutcast! 

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Autism, Tourettes, and the People Quota

Warning: Tourettes, not safe for work.



Guy from Tourette's Karaoke talks about "the people quota" in this video about how he needs to spend a lot of time alone in a dark room in order to be able to tolerate the sensory pain that being around other people causes.

I love this video because I know exactly what he is talking about.  And because it's great to hear someone with Tourette's talking like this: like everyone else, except for the tics.

And here's Guy's latest music video.

Click here to watch.

James Durbin Signs Album Deal: We'll Never "Forget You!"

Watch James Durbin as the Idols perform "Forget You."

Extremely cool news via thAutcast friend Beth Arky-- James Durbin has signed with Wind-Up records:

At New York's Wind-up Records Durbin joins top-selling acts like Evanescence and Creed. "We loved James on Idol," said Wind-up Entertainment CEO Edward Vetri. "We thought he was the standout performer from this season. His passion for rock music made him a natural fit."

James' album will be released in November.

Reasons why I love the video above of James Durbin performing "Forget You" on the Idol Tour:

It's a group number, but the camera always stays on James.  This is amusingly obsessive and simulates pretty well what it would have been like for me to be in the audience.

When the focus is away from him, on other singers, James gets pretty stimmy.

James is great!!!!!  Go, James!  Sing higher!  Higher!

The audience loves him as much as the crazed fan with the camera and we do.  Listen to them cheer.


Get Fit with James Durbin and Watch Him Perform at the House of Blues

"Don't Stop Believing."  James hasn't.

James Durbin performed "Don't Stop Believing" with Steel Panther at the House of Blues on June 13.

Do you need to lose weight?

Live in Los Angeles?

Over 18?

Then you can can enter this weird contest where you will somehow join James and his pal Stefano Langone in Dr. Drew's summer weight loss thing.

But hurry if you're interested-- the deadline is June 20.

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