Watch: Joe Montana as the Honest Man on Saturday Night Live

Warning: PG-rated sexual humor

Thoughts about the 1987 Saturday Night Live sketch starring football player Joe Montana as a guy who says what he thinks:

1.  Stu's unabashed honesty reminds me of many people with autism who I know. 

2.  I like Stu.  He talks the way I wish people would talk and the way I wish I could talk myself. I think he's a lot nicer than the other people.  He also seems smarter than the couple he is interrupting because he's not wasting time pretending he doesn't feel the way he does.

3.  The strong negative reaction the other characters have to him sort of hurts my feelings.  When I saw this for the first time 25 years ago, I did not understand why I felt that way.  Now I do.  This is a good thing-- I feel absolutely unconflicted in identifying with him rather than the "cooler" characters

4. I think Stu is more attractive than Joe Montana, who plays him, because of the autistic trait of his excessive honesty.  I often find autistic people more appealing, both as romantic partners and as friends, than I do neurotypical people. 

5.  I like knowing these things about myself.  I like knowing that I like Stu because he reminds me of people like myself.  I like knowing that I like autistic people.  I like being attracted to autistic people.  I like us.