When People With Aspergers Kill Their Parents

It's the saddest thing ever to me. 

And it does happen:

Just before 1am on Saturday September 25 2101, Sebastian Hardy dialled 999 and told the operator he wanted to confess to a murder.

When asked by the caller who he’d killed, he calmly told the police: “my mother... I knifed her to death... I lost my temper”.

Hardy killed his mother afer a family argument about her drinking and the care he was getting.

The lawyer for another man with Asperger's syndrome, Matthew Taranto, is arguing that his client acted in self-defense when he shot his father seven times:

According to the documents, a short while after dinner, Salvatore Taranto held a bread knife to his son, Matthew's throat and threatened him because Matthew hadn't yet cleaned the kitchen. Matthew then went to his bedroom to read a Green Lantern comic book. About 10 minutes later, Salvatore "began banging and yelling at the locked bedroom door." When Matthew opened the door, he saw his father was holding a semi-automatic pistol, the documents read. It was then that Salvatore threatened Matthew, saying he could kill him any time he wanted.